As a key partner, Pegasus Safety and Rescue provide the film, safety and rope access industries with the best equipment and training available.  They are a trusted provider of rope access safety services aimed at supporting high-risk film set locations with roof and water safety ensuring that cast and crew are kept safe at all time.

Pegasus is an authorized dealer for several equipment manufacturers and trusted name in safety services such as: roof edge safety, water safety, film site safety, rigging services and rigging equipment sales.


Equipment Sales

Official Equipment Dealer for:

CMC Rescue
Max Gear
Sterling Rope
Rock Exotica
Capital Safety

Pegasus is an equipment dealer for several rope access, safety, medical and rescue equipment manufacturers. Whether you are looking for equipment bags, rope access gear, safety gloves or rescue sked, get in touch with Pegasus.


Stand-by Rescue

 Rescue Services

When working in austere environments, having a team of rescue professionals standing by is priceless. All of our staff here at Pegasus have years of training and experience in a professional role, in all disciplines of rescue: Military, Police, USAR, Paramedics, Fire fighters, Commercial Divers, Lifeguards, and the Coast Guard. We can provide all these services to your event, or work site.

Edge Safety

Ice / Water Safety

Stunt Safety ( Including Auto Extrication )

Tech Surveys

Safety Consultation


Rope Access

Paramedics ( Emergency Trauma)


Edge Safety

Safety Services

All of our Edge safety team is trained to the highest levels. As a minimum we utilize NFPA High Angle Rescue techniques, but our lead rescuers are all certified SPRAT and IRATA Professional Rope Access technicians. With this certification, comes a lot of specialized rescue gear that is inspected and maintained in a log book on a regular basis. Pegasus Safety and Rescue also offers courses in High Angle Rescue, as well as SPRAT and IRATA certification courses.


Water Safety

Water Safety Services

 We can provide your film production, event, and even training in Swift water, lakes, streams, and ponds with a team of Rescue professionals that are not only highly trained in the specific role, but operate with these techniques on a daily basis. Our team is trained to work in any conditions, including winter for Ice Safety and standby rescue. All our gear and equipment is inspected on a regular basis to maintain high standards that are necessary when a life is on the line.