RAM has formed key relationships with partners across Canada to provide an extensive offering of turnkey maintenance and construction services.

Using Rope Access, our partners are able to reach difficult areas to perform a full array of critical maintenance tasks in a reliable, cost-effective and non-disruptive way.

RAM Partnerships Include:

  • Film Safety, Advanced Camera Equipment Rigging, Equipment Sale, Rescue Services and Training - Pegasus Safety and Rescue
  • Nation Wide Rope Access N.D.T. services - Domson Engineering and Inspections LTD.
  • Commercial and Industrial Painting Services - Dupont Painting and Contacting
  • Rope Access Maintenance, Rescue and Safety in AB and BC - Irwin's Safety
  • Rope Access Maintenance, Rescue and Safety in MB - Elite Safety Services Inc.
  • Rope Access Maintenance, Rescue and Safety in NB - Maritime Rescue and Medical

If you are a contractor interested in exploring how RAM can assist your business in growing and meeting client's needs, call us at 1-833-801-7573.