RAM’s Rope Access Training Program has been completely remodeled to meet current legislative and industry accepted practices. While, our equipment selection and technique explanations meet what is realistically found in the field, we strive to elevate field practice to a safer standard through understanding, practice and exposure to better solutions and equipment.



IRATA requires a minimum 30 hours of training, regardless of level. This is traditionally done in 4 days of training with a 5th day being the assessment, fitted therefore within a typical work week.

At RAM, we realized the importance of an extra day of training, both for brand new trainees and experienced technicians willing to upgrade their tickets. So we redesigned our training program to incorporate one more day. That extra time for training and practice allows for, among others, a few important things:

  • Ample time to practice every technique.

  • More room for deeper discussions of legislation, equipment inspections, standards, safety bulletins, accident reviews, etc.

  • Wiggle-room for a potential unforeseen circumstance when a trainee cannot attend one day of training.

  • A mock-assessment done on the Friday simulates Assessment day, cooling nerves and allowing for more practice.



RAM is always looking for rope technicians of all levels to join our growing teams. If you are a qualified or soon-to-be Rope Access Technician and are looking for employment in the Rope Access industry, we have an internal hiring program for you.



We have completely redesigned and rebuilt our training facility to meet realistic scenarios, using real objects for hauling and lowering exercises. Our custom steelwork, two platforms and cellphone tower allows for an incredible variety of scenarios and rigging possibilities.

See more about the Training Centre here.



Our training center is easily accessible by public transit from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a short 8 minute walk from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre TTC station, just off Highway 7 and Jane Street.

Find directions to and from Subway, Airport and Train Station here.



Are you curious about Rope Access? Or perhaps need to hone your skills? Maybe get acquainted with more advanced maneuvers? Network with other techs? All the while eating pizza?

We host monthly hangout sessions, where the community gets together to practice rusty techniques, or maybe try rope access a little bit before committing to registering for a course. All hangout sessions are free, kid friendly, pet friendly, even Level 3s are welcome to come.

Check our Calendar area for dates and confirm attendance on the facebook page