RAM's mission for our clients is to help them manage the costs of maintenance and construction.  We do this by reducing expensive access methods like scaffolding and cranes.  Using Rope Access Maintenance technologies our clients are able to spend more maintenance dollars on maintenance tasks and less on access costs.  Some of the benefits our client's recognize is the ability to access difficult locations virtually instantly, and once in place RAM is able to put a variety of trades in position to conduct light to medium maintenance tasks with virtually zero effect on surrounding access and operations.


Rope Access Trades



Remove scaffolding cost by using RAM's skilled technicians and partners to accomplish your construction, maintenance and inspection tasks from rope access systems.


Rope Access Confined Space Services

Confined Space Entry
Confined Space Rescue
Confined Space Managemt

Use RAM technicians to manage your confined spaces.  RAM Technicians are qualified in managing and supporting the most complex confined spaces found industrially today.

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Rope Access Contractor Partnerships

Sanding and Painting
Facade Renovations
Artwork Installations

Are you looking to to create a competitive advantage in your market?  Call RAM to see how we can help train you and your staff in Rope Access and reduce your scaffolding costs in bidding projects.

Rope Access NDT Inspections

UT, DP and MP
Thickness Gauging
Visual Inspection

Use RAM technicians to remove expensive scaffolding and access costs when inspecting your machines and infrastructure.  RAM can accomplishes NDT tasks quickly, safely and cost effectively using Ropes.