Building it up!

With a good chunk of the structure in place the next two steps were installing the cellphone tower and mag drilling the anchors.

Big shout-out to Phoenix Broadcast! We got a decommissioned cellphone tower and had it inspected and engineered to fit our free standing structure. A brand new ladder was designed and welded as well as tie-in points to connect the cellphone tower to our steel. Once tower was up, we installed the DBI fall-arrest cable and, voila, ladder access to the structure was ready. And we got satelite dishes and antennas for hauling exercises!

Next step was fun. Planning, drilling and installing more than 130 throughout the ceiling I-Beams and the new steel was a big undertaking. All bolts were planned to be used in a specific way in training, so that re-anchors would be a certain distance, deviations a certain angle, rope transfers a certain distance, etc.

And then aallll the equipment started arriving. Inventory time…

Photo 2019-06-21, 9 39 31 PM.jpg