Planning time!

Once we knew what the existing structure looked like and we load ratings and measurements, we could finally doodle what we wanted to add to it.

After many many many iterations of planning custom steelwork with cellphone towers, horizontal, vertical and diagonal I- beams , platforms, ladders and stairs. We wanted a seamless integration with all the existing building structure when rigging for techniques like re-anchors, deviations, rope-to-rope transfers, hauling/lowering exercises etc. And we daydreamed about a lot of shiny and clean new steel in what was, at this point, a dusty construction site full of trades men and women doing what they do best.

Contact with fabricators and close consult with the training team finally enabled us to pick an incredible design that was simple but still gave us 3 structures: A free standing custom structure, two platforms and a cellphone tower.

Our design went to the engineers that put our doodle into an actual autocad structure and it went to fabrication… Check. Now it was time to go back to the dusty construction site again :)

Photo 2019-06-27, 8 49 05 AM.jpg
Fred MissickComment