Let the trades begin!

That was it, RAM got flooded by workers. We went from rope techs to construction site managers, as we facilitated the work of a drywalling crew, electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians.

First came the electricians to completely re-wire the entire facility: from the junction box they overhauled a mumbo-jumbo of old useless wires dangling from the ceiling.

After walls were re-wired, came the god-sent drywallers. Multiple walls had to be re-framed, insulated and properly drywalled.

After the drywallers made some progress, we rolled in the plumbers, who had to work both in the main training area, kitchen and bathrooms. Our requests of where pipes could and could not run definitely made them scratch their heads, which also happened with the HVAC crew.

We had an existing heater in the unit. But the exhaust pipe was 6 feet too low, as it was previously anchored to the fake ceiling that got removed. It’s exhaust was also blocking our future platform location, so the entire gas heater had to be removed, deconstructed, flipped, raised and once the wall was cut through, reinstalled higher.

Things were starting to look better. We no longer needed generators and flood lighting, as now we had lights. Insulation was keeping the place slightly warmer and the heater was about to be turned on again.

Lots of progress, and a lot more to do…

Photo 2019-06-21, 9 29 29 PM.jpg